Consultation Fees at Practice

Telehealth consultations will be bulk billed for those who meet the government criteria for vulnerable persons.

Consultation Monday to Friday Fee Out of Pocket Cost to Patient Medicare Rebate
Brief Consultation $45.00 $27.50 $17.50
 Discount  $40.00  $22.50  $17.50
 Standard (<15 minutes) $75.00  $36.80  $38.20
Discount  $65.00  $26.80  $38.20
Long (15-30 minutes)  $125.00  $51.05  $73.95
Discount  $110.00  $36.05  $73.95
Extended (30-60 minutes)  $200.00  $91.20  $108.85
Discount  $175.00  $66.15  $108.85
1 Hour Appointments  $250.00  $141.15  $108.85

Integrative consultations and Occupational or Aviation Medicals, and non-medicare rebateable consultations or report writing are priced according to complexity.
Please contact us for an estimate.

Aviation Medical renewal $220 Audiogram and ECG additional, if needed.

Prescriptions should be requested at time of consultation. Remaining up to date with your medications is your responsibility. Should you require an urgent prescription, we require 48 hours processing time and this will be at the Doctors discretion.

Prescriptions – no visit $20.00

Standard Home Visits 8am to 5pm

Standard Home Visit Consultation (less than 20mins)
$126.00 with Medicare rebate of $61.00  – 1 patient

Long Home Visit Consultation (25mins – 45mins)
$186.00 with Medicare rebate of $97.00 – 1 patient

Extra Long Home Visit Consultation (45mins +)
$260.00 with Medicare rebate of $130.00 – 1 patient

* Home visits are only available to regular patients and are at the Doctors discretion

** Home visits are charged a gap fee as the Medicare rebate is inadequate to cover the costs of providing this service.

After Hours Home Visits

Standard Consultation up to 20 mins
$162.00 with Medicare rebate of $130.00 – 1 patient

* Home visits are only available to regular patients and are at the Doctors discretion

** Contact reception on 4058 2264 for extra long after hours consultation fees

Procedural Fees

For example:

  • Skin lesion biopsies or removals and suturing
  • Implanon insertion/removal
  • Cryotherapy

This is to help cover the cost of various items used during the procedure such as disposable surgical equipment, dressings, sutures, local anaesthetic and cryotherapy. The Doctor or the reception staff will be able to inform you if your visit will attract a procedure fee.

Please note: When your Doctor direct bills your consultation to Medicare they do not receive the full consultation cost. They receive the Medicare REBATE which does not cover the costs of running a quality practice.

Clients Eligible for Bulk Billing:

  • Children 15 years and under
  • Aged Pension Card Holders

Please note: If you fail to attend a scheduled appointment without letting us know, you may be charged a $35 cancellation fee.