Welcome to Stratford Medical Centre, where your health
and wellbeing are our focus. We believe in personalised,
patient-centred care, where your choices and preferences
are respected. Our friendly, caring and experienced team
look forward to working with you and your network of family,
friends and health professionals to meet your health needs
and goals.Beause at Stratford Medical Centre… Our place is
your place.


  • Care for the whole family and for all ages.
  • We take the time to listen to you.
  • Each of our staff has an area of special interest, and so provide our clients with a greater level of expertise no matter what your problem. Someone here knows a lot about it!
  • Those with complicated health needs are welcome.
  • Extensive range of medical services.
  • Urgent appointments available daily.
  • Owned and operated by local doctors and staff.


In addition to being specialist GPs (Fellows of the Australian College of GPs or Fellows of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine), all of our doctors offer a special interest or have skills in a different area of Primary Care.

We have antenatal and Women’s Health, Palliative care, Sports medicine, Mental Health, Skin medicine, Aviation Medicine, gut and immune system, and more. Our patients might have one primary doctor, and the expertise of the other doctors added in when needed. We work together, using the strengths of each doctor to benefit our clients. Great staff satisfaction, better patient experience!


If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 000 for an ambulance.


Nurse practitioner trained to see patients too

  Mel Dunstan - Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner   Stratford Medical Centre has gained the skills of a Nurse Practitioner with a unique and highly advanced nursing...
Nurse practitioner trained to see patients too

This mum’s answer to a question on Quora is something every parent needs to read

From theheartysoul.com If you’ve ever googled something and ended up on Quora, you have likely spent a few hours of your life reading a question and answer submissions,...
This mum’s answer to a question on Quora is something every parent needs to read

Let’s talk about sex

Speaking about sex, well that’s quite scary for most folks. The doctors at Stratford Medical Centre are all happy to speak with patients about their sexual health concerns...
Let’s talk about sex
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